Security Beyond Connectivity: The Safe Way of Connecting to the Cloud

The promise of operational cost reductions alongside increased scalability and flexibility are prompting many enterprises to move much of their data and platforms to the cloud. Service providers are reacting accordingly by offering a full suite of cloud connectivity and services. However, the move to the cloud comes at a price – that of increased security risks. These risks need to be identified, addressed and neutralized. Up until now, many companies have addressed cyber security threats at a symptomatic level: When they need to protect from viruses they search for antivirus, when they need to control incoming and outgoing traffic they search for firewalls.

In this webinar, Heavy Reading and ECI Telecom will explore the various options for securing data in a cloud connected world. We will explore the numerous building blocks of holistic security solutions:

  • Which parts of cloud services/solutions need to be defended?
  • How can each level of the OSI stack be protected in a distinct manner?
  • What are the advantages of high-quality encryption?
  • What are the latest trends in cyber security?
  • How can all these aspects be tied together in a comprehensive solution that covers your organization, or that of your customers, from all angles and at all layers?

This webinar is a must-attend event for enterprises,  service providers and data center operators looking to improve current security in the era of cloud connectivity.


  • Stephen Saunders, CEO, Light Reading
  • Ray Le Maistre, Editor in Chief, Light Reading
  • Jonathan Homa, Sr. Director Portfolio Marketing, ECI