The Value of MPLS for Utility Networks Webinar Recording

Communication networks face inevitable modernization. The utilities sector is no different. These changes are driven by a number of factors such as technology advancement, smart grid implementation, new regulatory requirements and new business models.

The difference between the utilities sector and 'others' lies in their 'mission critical' status, as they provide essential services to millions. In the transition to new network architectures and protocols, the big question is:  How can utilities migrate their mission critical networks without compromising on reliability, resilience and strict performance attributes? Moreover, in this day of cyber warfare, how can utilities fortify their networks to prevent and mitigate possible attacks at the very heart of their networks? As with any change, there are opportunities as well as challenges; however, for utilities there is no room for mistakes, they must get it right the first time.

In this webinar we will review the challenges as well as the opportunities that affect the utilities in their migration from traditional SDH/SONET networks to next generation networks. The webinar will focus on pertinent issues that will define utility communications infrastructures in the coming years:

  • Can next generation networks provide the same predictable and guaranteed performance?
  • What are the steps that must be taken now to correctly migrate your current infrastructure, so that it is scalable to meet future requirements while paying only for what you need today?
  • With all the cyber warfare and hacking going on, how to build networks that are open on one hand, but secure on the other?
  • Last but not least, we will see how utilities can leverage upon their infrastructure and right of way to gain new revenues sources.

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