Where's the Revenue from Virtualized Services


For a decade, service providers have struggled to compete with the seemingly more agile over the top (OTT) vendors. At first, SDN was hailed as the answer, but SDN bloomed more slowly than expected. As a result many have turned to network functions virtualization (NFV) to transform both their infrastructure and their ability to respond to customer needs. NFV is expected to push service providers into the digital age while lowering costs and increasing agility. But most of us haven’t quite figured out how NFV will help them save money let alone unlock new revenue streams.

As a service provider, adding more hardware, even agile hardware, will likely only add costs to your network in the near turn. To justify the investment you will need to discover how to generate new revenue streams. The only question is—where should you start?

Join experts such as Steve Saunders (Founder and CEO of Light Reading), Ray LeMaistre (Editor in Chief of Light Reading), Hayim Porat (CTO of ECI) and Jonathan Homa (Director of Portfolio Marketing at ECI). Throughout the webinar, they’ll discuss the following critical topics: 

  • Which services can push service providers into a better position for OTT competition
  • The steps necessary for implementing these new services
  • How exactly can NFV deliver on the promises telcos have longed for?
  • The functionality necessary for killer apps like cyber security, multilayer optimization and vBNG.

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