Defining the 5G Network Connectivity Challenge


5G promises to change the way we live our lives, with unprecedented services and unparalleled user experience. Operators need to build an underlying connectivity infrastructure that is capable of delivering on demands like ultra-low latency and hyper-flexible bandwidth. This webinar will focus on the most critical aspects of the 5G transport network and discuss what is required in terms of slicing, edge computing and the need for openness and interworking. Addressing each of these aspects properly will enable operators to offer state of the art 5G services that will be the foundation of what some people believe will become the 4th industrial revolution.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • What factors and demands will influence the infrastructure design
  • The impact of 5G on connectivity infrastructure and network requirements
  • The optional technological solutions and preferred solutions


  • Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst - Wireless Data Services & LTE, Heavy Reading
  • David Stokes, Sr. Portfolio Marketing Manager, Ribbon-ECI
  • Moshe Shimon, VP Product Management, Ribbon-ECI
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