Approaches to Solving Network Slicing Before 5G


Operators are drawn to the principle advantage of network slicing: use a single network to deploy multiple services, each on individual slices. The ultimate goal is end-to-end network slices applied to a mix of fixed, mobile, and fixed-wireless use cases. End-to-end slicing requires orchestration software to control multiple network domains, each with its own software layers and types of equipment. Implementing slicing today is complex, yet the eventual 5G slicing will have richer functions, more specifications, and more complexity. Operators must start today to be fully ready for 5G slicing. This webinar will explore the many challenges associated with deploying end-to-end network slicing. A panel of experts will present the latest approaches and innovations that will be valuable in helping operators and vendors in tackling the current challenges today and those of the 5G future.


  • How operators are using layer 1-2-3 protocols including segment routing for network slicing
  • Where to start today: use cases that operators are choosing for first network slicing deployments
  • How 4G network slicing standards will become richer and more complex to handle 5G
  • Lessons from early network slicing deployments: what to watch out for


  • Michael Howard, Technology Fellow and Advisor, Carrier Networks, IHS Markit
  • David Stokes, Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager, Ribbon-ECI Telecom
  • David Allabaugh, Software Solutions Architect, Fujitsu Network Communications
  • Allen Tatara, Senior Manager, Webinar Events, IHS Markit (Moderator)

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