IHS Webinar Recording:
5G Backhaul - Challenges and New Architectures

The next-gen mobile network will require next-gen backhaul architecture. How do the changing demands on the network define the characteristics of 5G? How does this impact architectural decisions regarding backhaul? The granularity of services, applications and devices will drive the mobile network beyond human control, so where do operators need to deploy intelligence and automation to ensure that backhaul can accommodate this? This webinar looks ahead to the near-future of the mobile network and the evolution of 5G transport solutions.


Mobile operators, wholesale backhaul operators and backhaul equipment vendors. Financial analysts and the media are also encouraged to attend.


  • How do virtualized functionality, distributed intelligence and software-defined networking (SDN) control interact to support backhaul?
  • How does data analytics drive backhaul network automation?
  • How can operators assure performance and troubleshoot the backhaul network?
  • Answers to audience questions during live Q&A

  • Richard Webb, Research Director, Mobile Backhaul and Small Cells, IHS
  • Scott Sumner, VP, Solutions Marketing, Accedian Networks
  • Brian Lavalle, Director, Portfolio Solutions, Ciena
  • Scott Wilkinson,Ph.D., Senior Director Portfolio Marketing Manager, ECI Telecom
  • Allen Tatara, Manager, Webinar Events, IHS
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