White Paper:
Reacting to Change

How 5G is set to revolutionize utilities, and what utility companies can do about it

Utility companies – whether electricity, gas, water or sewage – have a tricky path to tread in the next few years. Many are entering, or are in the middle of upgrading their OT networks – trading in their old SDH and SONET systems for modern packet systems. Just as this cycle is coming to an end, already the industry is talking about the next cycle of change – 5G.

But why should utilities care? After all, 5G is a service provider play and has nothing to do with utilities, right? The answer, as usual, is yes and no. Yes, 5G is primarily a service provider play – but only at the moment. In the long term, utilities will come under immense pressure to deploy the same technology. The question is how will they choose to react to this change? 

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