ECI-Ribbon Intelligence: Annual Industry Survey 2018

There has been plenty to cheer about in the telecoms industry over the last year. The majority of respondents to this survey seem relatively content with the performance of their own businesses and are looking towards an even better 2019. Probably more importantly they indicate distinct pleasure with what the industry as a whole has come through in 2018 and are showing strong confidence in what 2019 has to offer.

We have seen much change taking place in the telecom industry over the past year, including the status of 5G. Multi-billion-dollar auctions for 5G spectrum have been conducted in different countries, and commercial 5G networks in different parts of the world are almost ready to switch on. The stronger momentum in 5G will also mean that Test & Monitoring is playing an increasingly critical role than ever before, not the least because of the complexity of the 5G technologies and use cases.

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