Download our latest white paper: Crossing the 5G Chasm

Expectations are high for 5G to enable everything from industry 4.0 to driver-less vehicles. Yet over time, there is growing dissension among the ranks, as even the most advance countries showing a decline in profitability after the launch of 5G. Are industry experts right in asking: Where’s the money?

True, many of the advanced 5G services have not yet materialized; however, are MNOs correct in assuming that the only 5G services worth launching today are eMBB in nature? 

In his latest white paper Hayim Porat, ECI CTO, looks at the 5G landscape and asks: 

  • Where's the money, short term?
  • Do carriers have what it takes to profit from these new revenue streams?
  • How does your transport network strategy affect your ability to profit from these services?
  • What are the next steps on the path to recouping your investment?

Sound interesting? Download our white paper.


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